Redglaer - American Masonry (Anarchy Moon 10") / Roman Torment/Feed the Dragon - Split (Anarchy Moon LP)

As promised, the final two installations from this current chunk of waxes from Bob Bellerue's Anarchy Moon label. The first is a stab from the man himself under the Redglaer moniker and the other is a split between a couple of American noise groups, Roman Torment (Jeff Witscher and Evan Pacewicz) and Feed the Dragon (Bellerue along with Albert Ortega). Like the "Friday the 13th" double, the packaging on both of these is quite a treat. The 10" is in a cardboard cover with painted-on cover and glued-on back photo w/glossy insert while the 12" has front and back pastings of images varying in degrees of horror with another beauty insert. The former is limited to 330 copies, the latter to 300. You can see hot pix on the Anarchy Moon website if you so desire.
Never heard Redglaer (or any of Bellerue's work) before but I see I've been missing out like a sap. Apparently "American Masonry" was recorded in an enormous large warehouse in Tulsa with Bellerue using the structure's natural resonances to bolster whatever kind of damage he's applying. What you end up with is a great slab of computer- (?) generated/cement-slapped spectral waft, a dark grey cloud of fear and tension locked in a holding head somewhere above your head. Celestial and terrestrial. Organic and orgasmic. Slanted and en...nevermind. The flip is an angrier whack of synth- (??) induced squalor, careeneing back and forth from the right side of the brain to the left. Gently washes away only to roar back for a screaming finale. Excellently executed spaced, outer-reaching drone. No clue what Bellerue's implements are aside from the building and maybe it's better that way. Judge the results and not the methods, right? Well the results are quite tremendous. For the turntable-unable you can also get "American Masonry" on CD but I'm sure it won't sound this good.
Last I heard from the Roman Torment duo they were ripping it up on the Troniks CD "Skin Game" with a record due on Hospital Productions. Not sure if that ever surfaced but they're keeping up appearances here with a side-long blasterpiece dubbed "The Gift of Grief". Total non-stop in-the-red wall of high-wired electronics geared to explode synapses. Witscher and Pacewicz keep all hands/feet/whatevers to the metal for the full twentyish minutes and spew out a dizzying juggernaut of blindingly fast, brutal, and surely harsh flat-out fucking noise. Totally worth the possibility of getting evicted over. Buckle up or down as you see fit.
Feed the Dragon's side "Bromide Romance" is a mixed bag of junky electronics, UFO-transmitted soundwaves, buzzing matrices, robotic splurge and a whole lot else strewn methodically throughout the slow-evolving piece. Bit of a baffler and not too much to say but it's well done and engaging and that's all you need to know. If this helps, Anarchy Moon sez: "narcotic ritual. the history of desperate ages and the final moments of delivery into chaos / nothingness, scorpions erupting from cactii. who will be left to laugh about the death of civilization???". Did it help? I thought it would. I think the label website also offers some MP3 downloads so get on that huh?
Considering these and upcoming cuts (a couple of heavy noise 2x7"s, new Il Corral 2006 2xCD-R, Yellow Swans 12", etc) it looks like you can safely add Anarchy Moon to the ever-growing list of quality labels serving up slick and slimey doses of new noise. Good for music, no good for your wallet...you know how it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recently saw Redglaer at a huge show (15 plus "bands") that I believe Bob put together. Or maybe some other Il Corral pal. It's hard to tell what the hell is up with 25 noise dudez dawdling around (there were more musicians than audience. it was like a black-jeaned trade show). Anyway, he definitely killed; very intense, never unpleasant, and he comes up playing the flute in the end.

3/13/2007 9:01 PM  
Blogger Outer Space Gamelan said...

Damn, "comes up playing the flute" like rising out of the ground? Or is that just in my wildest dreams

3/14/2007 5:18 PM  
Blogger CARNAL TORPOR said...

not specific to this post, but why are bands more interested in giving the affect of mysticism without actually doing something mystical?
sorry, i am drunk by myself and just wondering this about noise/drone music. people give noise tracks titles like about masonry or archons or whatever but VERY rarely actually fuck me up..... only bands that have DONE it that i have seen are NNCK, andrew wk and mating dance....just a general question, what is UP with that?

3/15/2007 12:24 AM  
Blogger Outer Space Gamelan said...

Mystical's hard to pull off these days...or I'm just having a hard time finding it because it's so mystical.

3/15/2007 4:09 PM  

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