Chris Corsano - The Young Cricketer (Hot Cars Warp CD-R)

If this were the realm of prog rock, Chris Corsano's debut solo album would be nothing less than the definitive word on concept albums revolving around cricket. But alas, prog this is not. Progressive, though? Surely. I've yet to encounter anyone that doesn't like Corsano's drumming, be it in his duo with saxmaster Paul Flaherty or bringing the noise as a part of Thurston Moore's Dream Aktion Unit, or providing a sturdy backbone to wispy folk records by the likes of Six Organs of Admittance and Dredd Foole. And "The Young Cricketer", spanning some forty minutes, does a fine job at demonstrating Corsano's remarkable diversity from behind the kit (and outside the kit, as Corsano also employs a variety of instruments - musical or otherwise). They're all listed on the sleeve; dig "baritone & saxophone mouthpieces with plastic tube and/or funnel and/or shower attachment apparatus", for example. This all adds up to an entirely frantic and exhausting workout with limbs a-flailing and skins a-beaten. I once heard someone remark that Corsano drums like he's running late to catch a bus, and this CD-R does nothing to put that charge to bed. It will, however, only add exponentially to his ever-swelling fanbase. This is a homemade CD-R on Corsano's own label so I don't exactly know how limited it is, but I wouldn't dawdle. In any event I understand he has a new one coming up/out in case you snoozed and loozed.


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where can I find a copy of the original cdr?

6/25/2009 3:54 AM  
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