Bodyvehicle - Being Being (Black Horizons 2xCS)

Brand new mystery-cloaked outing from the great Black Horizons label who specialize in vinyl and cassettes, at least so far. It takes me so long to get around to the music I've got that I see they've put out another new tape in the meantime by Medroxy Progesterone Acetate but this Bodyvehicle double is still pretty new, circa January of this year I do believe. Anyway I'm told patience is a virtue but regardless, "Being Being" just looked so darn good up on the proverbial mantle that I couldn't bring myself to sully it with greasy fingerprints and the like. See both the tapes are housed inside a lovely black vinyl case (similar to the Double Leopards' "Gematria", to use a recent example) not to mention "color art on blue/gold shimmer vellum cover and color on transparent labels. Tracks listing is printed on blue shimmer paper, which is glued to the inside. Edition of 50 hand stamp #'ed copies on hi-bias chrome tapes" (from the Black Horizons' website). Slick. Way slick. Bodyvehicle are hard enough to get a handle on, all I really know is that they have tapes out on Tone Filth and Nightpass' A Static Rainbow, and that they're Russian. Guess that's all anybody needs to know anyway.
Overall it surprised me how much all four sides sounded like what the cover art looks like - crystallized sludge, baby. Tape number one is weighty shards of dark matter floating through a dense celestial spectrum, maybe against a backdrop of a comet-flecked canopy/sky blanket conjured up via electronic symbiosis (synthiosis?). Think stuff like Nurse with Wound or MZ.412 played at the same time as Ariel Kalma's fantastic "Osmose" record and you might be on the right railroad, maybe. The other side (indeed!) is possessed with a thicker ghostly aural haunt, gives you that goosebumpy feeling of spaceships flying low overhead, you know the one yeah? Talk about the potential for some serious 3am affectingness. There's this weird sort of heavily masked sax (or sax-emulating machinery) snaking through the last quarter, the kind of workover that hits way below the same surface that Sun Ra himself was scraping. If he was still alive - er, I mean, if they have tape players on Saturn - this might be his favorite new rekkid.
The other tape is quite a bit stranger and more difficult to describe...it starts off with a really odd side of extended mechanical glow and an eternal buzzing over top for all twenty or whatever minutes. I'm hearing weak signals emitted from somewhere deep in the Bermuda Triangle but that's all I got. I'd be curious to know how these sounds are coming about. All Black Horizons can say is that saxophone, guitar and drum machine are among "instruments audible". Hmmm...and the other side consists of two tracks (all given names but I won't spoil em for you), one being a gentle downpour of digital signals trying to keep time with what sounds a lot like FM3's Buddah Machine loops and the other is like drowning in a clock factory. Sonically similar to Changeling, another artist Black Horizons have done business with. And, speaking of BH, have done another quality job of providing totally enigmatic units with an outlet to allow their totally enigmatic sounds to be played. They have a bunch of good stuff coming up in the future too, so the ride ain't over just yet. Consider my hat tipped once more.


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