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A whole whack of brain-peeling lit has made its way/is making its way to my offices as of late and no, this isn't a review of any of them, just a general heads up because you should pick em up to pass the time on the days when I'm absent. To the left needs no introduction, the new tome from Julian Cope what should probably be mandatory reading in public schools if the few PDF pages I leafed through in Krautrocksampler were any indication (is someone gonna reprint that thing or what?). It's a beautiful hardcover edition (and not too too pricey either for a U.K. print) with a nice section of color photogs of album covers from Rallizes to Flower Travellin' Band to Creation to J.A. Ceasar and more. Scratch here.
You'll notice on the Amazon page above you can buy Japrocksampler in tandem with The Source, a prized document from Ya Ho Wa/Father Yod acolyte Isis Aquarian that should hopefully shed some light on one of the more mysterious whatevers to take place in the Americana underbelly. In case you needed any more incentive (look at that bombastic cover!) it comes with a CD of rare and unheard Yod material including a 1973 performance at a high school??? Shit's in session all right.
Last is a fairly recent biog. on the infamous Viennese actionist-cum-diety (loose pun intended) Hermann Nitsch which I really don't know a thing about since it hasn't arrived and, regardless, I'm still making it through the Writings of the Vienna Actionists collection (that one covers the Big Four: Nitsch, Brus, Muehl, Schwarzkogler). Anything those guys get/got up to is of interest to me, so how can this one possibly go wrong? Get re(a)d.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

weird i flipped through the nitsch book the other day myself. He sure likes blood and naked peoples, LOL! Matt have my children


9/18/2007 11:31 PM  
Blogger Outer Space Gamelan said...

I thought the same thing when I was flipping through your diary ZINGGGGGG

9/18/2007 11:40 PM  

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