New Blockaders, Thurston Moore & Jim O'Rourke - The Voloptulist (Hospital Productions CD)

Whoa. As if it's not enough that we're getting some new New Blockaders material, Richard Rupenus has brought along with him two or three fellow noize-mongers in Thurston Moore (on the first track) and Jim O'Rourke with Chris Corsano (on the second track). Unfortunately the disc is only 21 minutes in length, so whatever's gonna happen that's supposed to seperate my testacleez from my body needs to happen in a hurry. The first ditty (named after the title track) isn't a particularly enthralling affair, although it does weasel its way inside your noodle after having it on long enough. Think a less-active "Reductio Ad Absurdum" and you're kinda in the ballpark. I can't really tell exactly what Moore is contributing to this one, it's not his standard guitar/amp noise fare in any event. The other number is "840 Seconds Over" and is aided greatly by the appearance of (who else) Chris Corsano. Corsano plays jumpy, skittery skins all over the hotbed of electric activity provided by Rupenus and O'Rourke. It's a pity that this is the shorter track because I could easily listen to an LP's side or two of this and not get bored. I'm also a bit disappointed that a meeting of these individuals only produced 21 minutes of recorded output (with the first track being mostly a dragger), when surely they have a whole lot more to offer. Then again I really don't know how this was recorded, mail or studio or what. I'd recommend a "record store rental" - ask the clerk to put it on and enjoy it while you're there. If you really think it'll provide you and your family continued enjoyment once you get it home, by all means, pick it up. The LP version is coming out shortly on Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label, and everything sounds better on wax, so wait for that as well.


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