Miscarriage - Miscarriage (American Tapes/Hanson/Gods of Tundra/Chondritic Sound 1-sided LP)

All right! So I guess the site and, by associate, myself are temporarily back in action. For how long? Stay tuned! But for now I managed to put together a brief review of a brief LP from Miscarriage - the collective name given to the unholy unification of John Olson, Mike Connelly, Aaron Dilloway and Greh Holger. Miscarriage is a whole lot catchier than "Wolf Eyes & Hive Mind", you see. This is from the second pressing of the LP, with the first being in an edition of 200 (fifty copies per label). This new pressing upped the ante to 400, 100 per. So there's plenty of hot junk noise love to go around. The one I'm reviewing is from Greh's Chondritic Sound pressing, which is on luscious Robitussin Red vinyl. The best part about a one-sider of course is that after you're done playing it you can flip it over and do eggs and bacon and what have you on the unetched side. If you're fast enough, it'll still be scorchin' hot!
The Hanson blurb for this bad boy describes Miscarriage as "the band that shouldn't have happened - and kind of didn't". I don't know what that actually implies, but I'm of the opinion that these four should most definitely be allowed in the same group again - this side kills. It starts off a bit like a less rock-informed "Black Vomit", or maybe one of the songs off the upcoming "Human Animal" that's been played live. It's a bit like Olson trying to fist-pump to Holger's open-ended pits of electrodrone. Eventually the quartet slide into raw, sheer electronic burn territory, sounding evermore like a perfect synthesis between the noisy Wolf Eyes jams and Greh's Black Sand Desert outing(s). The track pretty much occupies the kind of niche Wolf Eyes have cut out of the genre and made entirely their own in recent years - it couldn't possibly be anybody else. It gets even better and more fearsomely brutal as it rolls into a close with Dilloway (I guess? Since Nate's not on it I can't hear these noises coming from the other dudes but I've been wrong before) throwing up strangled gasps and gulps, chewed up and spat out by whatever wrecked machines they've got processing the vocals. I instinctively reached over to put the needle down on the B side, but alas it was not to be. So I made breakfast instead.
My research/Googling tells me that these guys have recorded once before, on a 3" CD/1-sided LP compilation for American Tapes called "The Dream Has Ended" (although maybe it was another split release). By now it's undoubtably long gone. Bummer. And all those inspirational speakings in elementary school taught me to keep the dream alive? Well you can do so today, right now, by hurrying up and getting one of these. I think they're all packaged different for each label, so why not buy four? And then rock it like a double LP? Come on, it's not like you have anything better to do...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate Young isn't on the LP, Aaron Dilloway is.

8/08/2006 10:32 AM  
Blogger Outer Space Gamelan said...

You're absolutely right, I seemed to have glazed over that part of Hanson's blurb. I'll correct the review in a second.

8/08/2006 11:24 AM  

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