Glass Organ - Two Tapes (Tone Filth/Twonicorn LP)

I know what you're saying - it's called "Two Tapes"...but it's a HELL PEE? Right! Because it was originally tapes you see, one side being a Tone Filth c20 and the other being a Twonicorn c20. And now the two labels have come together in harmonious harmony to unify the two long-gone releases on a single slab of wax. I don't know about titles but I do know that the Tone Filth cassette came out in August 2005 (ltd. 100) and the Twonicorn one is dated January 2006 (ltd. 45). But all that is is proverbial water under the proverbial bridge. Let's cut straight to the bone!
Glass Organ is the duo of Tom Helgerson and Justin Meyers (of Devillock and indeed Tone Filth fame) operating out of Minnesota. As far as I can tell they've got another self-titled tape on Tone Filth and just released a CD this month on Students of Decay which I've heard nothing but fancy things about.
Upon playing "Two Tapes" (my first time alone with anything these guys have done) I was most impressed at how impossible it is to "seperate" what's being heard, by which I mean that Helgerson and Meyers' sounds congeal so well together that it's easy to mistake the two for a single solitary being. Maybe they are some kind of two-headed beast. Like Cerberus. Wait, that's three heads. Lemme check Wikipedia...aha, like Orthrus. ""Orthus has a phallic name that means 'Upright-erect' and is a herm-like figure; and as for his two heads, presumably one looked backward." Er, sorry dudes.
The first side kinda made me think of the Being Being tape of yesterday, which kinda reminded me of Changeling, who kinda reminded me of...you know what, let's not do this. What is was was a seductive bunch of weightless, airy, watery tones fully soaked in delicate statics played out for the first ten or so minutes...the other half devotes itself to lush, melting orbs of sound mixed in with copious amounts of near-silent contemplation. There's also some kind of metronomish clicking going on but that's probably just my stylus fucking up, pay no mind. Whatever the case may be these guys have put together a mega slumber piece in all the right ways, feel like I'm taking an afternoon nap on a cloud after a hard day of diamond mining. The glitchy static scrabble gets a bit more feverish and hazy...probably what goes through a person's head when they're chewing on downed telephone wires, not like I'd know or anything. Pretty much all I can tell you about the other side is that it's just as swimmingly delicious, more freeflight gloss on blackened wings adding up to a heavy, insidous drone...it's all I can tell you because I really did fall asleep for a brief while during the middle and any record that lulls me to sleep in such a manner is an immediate compliment, certainly not an indicator of my finding the record "boring" or any of that kind of balderdash. I was able to battle back into a semi-conscious state to hear the final few minutes but it was tough to pay attention while I was picking the gravel out of my eyeballs...strangely soothing, slow, punisher of a side. I was pickled tink.
If my investigations of the Twonicorn website prove accurate, they're already sold out of the LP and you can bet it won't be long before Tone Filth is too. It's cheap and way better than AmbienCR, plus you don't risk dying or anything like that. I approve! Find sounds below.

Side A (excerpt)
Side B (excerpt)
Courtesy Tone Filth


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