I Don't Want to Say Goodbye, But...

Maybe you guessed as much from the fact that it's been nearly two weeks without a new post...but I've straight up run out of time to even so much as think about music, let alone review it. Yeah I keep buying stuff, but it's just collecting on desks and shelves and countertops around the house. I started this blog back when I had loads - oodles, even - of free time on my hands. And I started writing mainly for me, just because I had all these records and felt like I should do something productive and more involved than just listening to them once and tossing them on a rack. So now I guess I'm stopping for me as well. Although "stopping" sounds pretty final and I don't know if I'll be done for good. I might be able to squeeze something in once a week, but that'll be moreso to get through the backlog of things people sent in (for which I'm eternally grateful and equally apologetic, if you've sent something in recently and I haven't been able to review it; the purpose of this site was never to just fatten up my own record collection, I hope you understand). You can still drop a line for my address if you want to send something, but now it's a question of "if" I'll ever get around to it, as opposed to the "when" of before.
So that said, it's been a slice, and with any, ah, luck you'll still see me around, just not nearly to the degree of prolifacy I used to maintain. I'm closing comments on this entry because I don't want it to turn into some lame-o pity party or anything but you can always email me if you want to say something. Otherwise, thanks lots to whoever read, commented, emailed, or sent something in. The links on the right side point to other, far more talented scribes than I could ever hope to be, I recommend familiarizing yourself with them in my absence/sabbatical/what have you. Cheerio.